Set up automatic backup of photos and videos before dealing with the police

In this modern age, people have learned to deal with the misbehavior of the police by pulling out their smart phones and recording. The problem is, the police don't like being recorded so much and will inadvertently break or confiscate phones, rendering those recordings useless.

See, I do it too!

See, I do it too!

Not so if you have auto backup on videos! In Toronto, Abdi Shiek Qasim was approached by police for no good reason and then they attempted to enter his apartment. He pulled out his phone to record the interaction and within ten seconds, one of the officers slapped it out of his hand. He was arrested for assaulting an officer following this. His phone went mysteriously missing. But, thanks to automatic backup, he had a video available in his google account. The Court cleared him of the charge, stating:

“Officer Dhaliwal’s swing of his arm and hand was the very first physical force during the interaction. The accused didn’t grab a hold of the belt of Officer Gul in advance of this action by Officer Dhaliwal. I believe that Officer Dhaliwal’s action amounted to an assault against the accused.”

So, set up your automatic backup today. 

Found here. Original story with video posted in the Toronto Star